december calendar 2018

  • Grape Escapade, first organized in 2005 has now become a ritual, and the world’s largest grape stomping festival held in India! People from all walks of life come together to participate in this great Grape Stomping festival in Goa.
  • Beginning on the 10th of February, the Goa Carnival is undoubtedly one of the most looked forward to events. This 3-day festival is about celebrating the rich culture, history and tradition of Goa with music, dance, food and parades.
  • Shigmo festival is celebrated in Goa in honour of the warriors in Goa. During this festival, you will find folk dancers performing on the streets of Goa for everyone to gaze at.


  • March brings with it the celebrations of Easter in Goa, where you will find all the churches lit up with joy, celebrations and music.



  • Goa Food and Cultural Festival is the best way to celebrate the mouth-watering cuisine of Goa. This 5-day festival celebrates the Goan cuisine which mainly constitutes of sea food, but also sees contributions from housewives, hoteliers, chefs and caterers showing their skills. Of course, there is also a wonderful fireworks display to look forward to in the end.
  • Lairai festival is celebrated in Goa in honour of their Goddess Lairai, where music, folk dance and rituals are performed.



  • Goa Coconut and Cashew festival celebrates the two most loved ingredients of Goa- the cashew nut and the coconut. These two ingredients are extremely popular and also contribute greatly to the economy of the land.

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